The Brief

Locks & Hardware direct are a retailer of locks and security products. They approached Identify with a requirement to build a complex eCommerce website that could interact with their suppliers ordering system to constantly update the stock, availability and information of the 14,000+ products that they sell.

The result

Identify were able to help LHD understand the technical specification provided to them by their supplier and plan out a solution to meet their requirements and budget.

  • An easy to use eCommerce website that makes for easy product identification and ordering
  • An interface with their supplier’s API to pull product information and push new customer orders for dropshipping
  • A backoffice to allow for easy order administration and telephone order capability
3%+ Conversion Rate
100%+ return on initial investment

Developing an eCommerce website often provides a number of challenges to overcome, even more so when there are over 14,000 products in question! Such a challenge required significant planning and testing to ensure that the development process remained on time and within budget.

What our clients Say...

Working with Identify to develop the new Locks and Hardware Direct website has been a very positive experience.

Working with Identify to develop the new Locks and Hardware Direct website has been a very positive experience. The whole concept was a fairly big risk for us in terms of investment and something that was relatively new to us and so it was important that we found the right partner to support us through the development and on-going marketing requirements we had.

Danny Ansell, Website Manager

Not only did we have the opportunity to work with the LHD team on the initial website development, but they also now work with our digital marketing team on the on-going marketing of the website through natural Google search and paid Google shopping ads.

Our team is in daily contact with the sales and management teams to ensure the marketing campaigns are running as efficiently as possible, and provide weekly easy to understand reports for the management team.

Online Marketing

The most important aim once the website was live was to ensure that it provided a return on investment as quick as possible.

We were able to quickly deploy a Google Shopping campaign which immediately started to generate a number of orders on the website within days of going live. Having technical knowledge of the website’s development we were also able to quickly deploy changes and improvements to help improve the website’s conversion rate and make mass price changes whilst “sounding out” the market.

We’re soon looking at starting a search engine optimisation campaign to improve the organic rankings of the website, and long term reduce the cost per conversion.

Our monthly management costs are clear and transparent, enabling the management team at Locks and Hardware Direct to see just how the business is performing as a whole through our weekly reports.

3686 sessions
3% conversion rate
£0.12 average CPC
100+ online orders
100%+ return on investment