The Brief

Lindens Health & Nutrition already had a relatively new, responsive Magento 2 ecommerce website when they first got in touch with us. Their marketing and management teams were looking for a new digital agency to work with on an on-going basis to help them push their website and online sales to the next level.

The result

With a long term aim to continuously improve conversion rate and website KPIs, we’ve been working closely with the team at Lindens to roll out a number of major changes to their Magento based website:

  • A new one-step checkout process to replace the current multi-page experience
  • Changes to the aesthetics and appearance of the website across devices
  • Development of a new restricted trade ordering area
10%+ Conversion Rate
15% increase in returning customers

Developing a website is often just the first step in the process. It’s important to continuously develop and update your website in order to stay ahead of your competitors and keep up to date with the latest trends and requirements.

What our clients Say...



Tom Broadhead

Through a close working relationship we’re able to make fast and efficient development decisions and deployments to the Linden’s website.

We enjoy weekly reviews and a constantly updating plan of action through our flexible retainer relationship which allows Linden’s to utilize a set amount of development hours every month in the way that they best see fit.

We’re looking forward to working with Tom, Bev and the team at Lindens on all of the future developments we have in the pipeline.